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  Teflon™ Trademark Information 

The Chemours Company has developed a distinctive logo for Teflon industrial coatings to reflect the integrity and identity of the brand. Used on products, packaging, labels, advertising, and other promotional materials, it provides assurance that the products it identifies are of the highest quality and contain only genuine  fluoropolymers from The Chemours Company. Like the Teflon trademark, the logo is owned exclusively by The Chemours Company and may only be used under license from The Chemours Company.

Teflon industrial coatings: PTFE coatings, FEP coatings, PFA coatings, ETFE coatings, coating primers, specialty systems, and more.

For more information about obtaining a license to use this mark or about Teflon industrial coatings, please contact Intech Services or call 302-999-2591.

The Chemours Company and Teflon™ brand logos are trademarks of The Chemours Company FC, LLC and used under license by Intech Services, Inc.
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