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  Product Overview

  Teflon™ Thinners for Fluoropolymer Coatings

Useful for lowering viscosity of  Teflon™ coatings as well as keeping spray equipment clean and at optimal functioning.

Product Overview
Teflon™ thinners can be used for jobs where a lower viscosity is needed or for cleaning and maintaining your spray equipment. Thinners are a cost effective and simple way to clean spray guns by simply running thinner through the gun to clean out the coating from the passage. Well-maintained guns apply coatings with more efficiency and uniformity, as well as save time and money caused by equipment breakdowns. TN-8595 can be used for thinning and cleaning 420G, 958G, and 959G solvent-based products.
Thinner Clean Up and
Viscosity Reduction
TN-8595 420G line
958G line
959G line
TN-8748 954G line
Deionized water All water-based products


  • Used to thin material for jobs that require low viscosity
  • Easy clean up for certain solvent-based Teflon™ product lines 

Application Processes
To clean with TN-8595/8718/8748:
Run some thinner through the gun through the spray equipment, just as if it were a coating.

To reduce material with TN-8595/8748:
  • It is recommended that you do so in small increments, around 2 - 3% at a time, typically no more than 5 - 6% overall
  • After adding thinner, the material should be re-incorporated by rolling.
  • Rolling is the preferred re-incorporation method for liquid Teflon™ coatings.

De-ionized water is recommended for reduction and and clean up of water-based products
The reduction of the liquid coatings will change the performance properties of the finished coating and the coating mixture while spraying.  Thinning can have effects on:
  • The appearance of the finished product
  • The performance quality of the coating
  • Increase the sensitivity to the required bake cycles
  • Shorten the pot life of the material

Technicians should be aware of these potential changes when applying reduced material.

Product Information
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  • Ordering: Online, fax, and phone
  • SDS and Fact Sheets: Always accessible at

Download Marketing Material (PDF) Specialty Three Coat Reinforced Teflon Coating System

Purchasing Information
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