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  Guide to Teflon™ Industrial Coating Product Code Changes

Teflon industrial coatings: PTFE coatings, FEP coatings, PFA coatings, ETFE coatings, coating primers, specialty systems, and more.Over the years, product codes for Teflon™ industrial coatings have changed for a number of different reasons, one more recent one being the GenX Transition in order to comply with removing PFOA from the manufacturing process by 2015 or earlier. The chart below will assist you in finding the new code for a coating. The new industrial coatings can be used as replacements for older Teflon™ products, and require only minimal processing adjustments. If you don't know which product to select, the Teflon™ Product Overview can help with selecting the right coating for the job, or call us. Please call 302-366-8530 to talk to one of our Teflon™ coating technical experts.

Old Code New Code
420-104 420G-104
420-109 420G-109
420-129 420G-129
420-703 420G-703
420-713 420G-717
532-1003 532G-1003
532-13032 532G-13032
532-13054 532G-13054
532-5010 532G-5010
532-5011 532G-5011
532-5310 532G-5310
532-7000 532G-7000
532-7410 532G-7410
532-8000 Discontinued - use 532G-8110
532-8110 532G-8110
851N-214 851G-214
851N-221 851G-221
851N-224 851G-224
851N-225 851G-225
852N-201 852G-201
852N-202 852G-202
856N-114 856G-114
856N-200 856G-200
856N-204 856G-204
857N-210 858G-210
858N-100 857G-100
858N-917 858G-917
954-100 954G-300
954-101 954G-304
954-201 954G-304
954-103 954G-303
954-203 954G-303
954-602 954G-302
958-207 959G-204
958-203 958G-203
959-203 959G-203
959-205 959G-205
958-303 958G-303
958-313 958G-313
958-406 958G-406
958-414 958G-414
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