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  Product Overview

  Teflon™ FDA Coatings

Premiere coatings that meet FDA requirements for food contact.
Teflon industrial coatings: Teflon coatings that meet FDA requirements for food contact
Product Overview
Teflon™ coatings that meet FDA requirements for food contact offer a wide variety of necessary characteristics such as high temperature resistance, release, lubricity and durability.  These coatings can be of use for a multitude of applications such as baking molds, food production, and food assembly lines.  Teflon FDA coatings are available in water and solvent based liquid formulations as well as powder.
Product Description Color Chemistry Max DFT (mils) Coverage (ft²/mil) Carrier
420G-703 PFA/FEP primer Black NA 0.6 186 Solvent
857G-030/040/100 PTFE/PFA/FEP primer Black NA 0.3 - 0.6 189 - 292 Water
699N-129 ETFE primer Black NA 0.5 339 Water
532G-42331 PFA/FEP primer Black NA 1.5 88.8 Powder
959G-203 PFA/FEP one coat/primer Black FEP/PAI 2.5/0.5 319 Solvent
959G-205 PFA/FEP one coat/primer Brown FEP/PAI 2.5/0.5 276 Solvent
420G-104/129/109 One coat Black, Sparkling
Black, Gray
PTFE/PES 0.8 232 Solvent
958G-203 One coat Black FEP/PAI 2.5 319 Solvent
852G-201 Standard grade Clear PTFE 3 484 Water
856G-200 Standard grade Clear FEP 2 686 Water
532G-8110 Standard grade Clear FEP 6 89 Powder
532G-5010 Standard grade Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-7000 Standard grade Sparkling Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-5011 Standard grade - fine Clear PFA 5 89 Powder
532G-5310 Stress crack resistant Clear PFA 10 90 Powder
532G-7410 Stress crack resistant Clear PFA 10 89 Powder
532G-13032 Abrasion resistant Gray PFA 6 86 Powder
858G-210 Topcoat Clear PFA 3 365 Water
532G-6200 Ultra-smooth White ETFE 8 110 Powder
532G-6310 High build Clear ETFE 40 110 Powder
532G-6314 High build Green ETFE 40 110 Powder
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Purchasing Information
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