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  Product Overview

  Teflon™ 420G One Coat PTFE Systems

One coat systems for end uses that require lubricity, high temperature resistance properties, and FDA approval.  

Product Overview

The Teflon™ 420G PTFE one coat system is an extremely versatile thin film industrial coating. These products have a high in-use operating temperature of up to 500° F and are FDA approved, which makes them an excellent choice for applications involving food contact. The economical price and ease of application makes it an excellent option for high volume jobs. The 420G product line is offered in three colors.  
Features & Benefits
  • Substrate options: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Ease of application: one coat system allows for quick application, excellent for high volume jobs
  • Operating temperature up to 500° F continuous use and 550° F for intermittent use
  • Thin film .8 - 1 mil dry film thickness (DFT)
  • Can be applied in multiple coats
  • No reduction required 
Teflon industrial coatings: Teflon 420G line PTFE one coat systems

Performance & Properties
  • Excellent Nonstick qualities for good release
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Good Abrasion Resistance and Durability for extended service life
  • FDA Approved for food contact regulations in 21CFR 

Product Codes | Colors
One Coat | 420G-104 | Gray
One Coat | 420G-109 | Sparkling Black
One Coat | 420G-129 | Black

One coat with PTFE with a PES Resin (Polyethersulfone)

Application Process
Surface is grit blasted with aluminum oxide. Single coats of 0.8 mils are
recommended and can be obtained with several passes of a spray gun
wet-on-wet. Cure at 700° F - 750° F for 3 - 5 minutes. For clean up or
reduction use TN-8595. See Fact Sheets for application information.

Product Information
Availability: Next day shipping by Intech
Ordering: Online, fax, and phone
SDS & Fact Sheets: Always accessible at

Download Marketing Material (PDF) Specialty Three Coat Reinforced Teflon Coating System

Purchasing Information
There are certain technical requirements when applying Teflon™, therefore registration is required to purchase Teflon™ industrial coatings and gain access to Teflon™ Fact Sheets and SDS information. Click here to register for an account. If you are already a registered user, sign in here.
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