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May 2017
Intech Services and Chemours Introduce New Primer to Teflon™ Line

April 2017
Intech's Successful Second Fundraiser
Intech Services Introduces the I³ Webinar Series

January 2017
Chemours and Intech Services, Inc. Announce Matrix Coatings Corp. as a Licensed Industrial Applicator

August 2016
Intech Services Releases 2016 Teflon™ Product & Market Guide

July 2016
Intech Services Announces 2016 Training Workshops for Teflon™ Coatings in Newark, DE

October 2015
Mike Patterson Celebrates 20 Years at Intech Services

August 2015
Be Intech: Intech Services Launches Campaign Promoting Company Values

July 2015
Intech Services Announces 2015 Training Workshops for Teflon™ Coatings in Chicago, IL

June 2015
Intech Services Embraces Team-Based, Flat Corporate Structure

April 2015
Teflon™ Corrosion Resistant Coating is Now a Top Five Selling Coating for Teflon™ Coating Line.

September 2014
Intech Services and TCI Powder Coatings Promote the TruCoater Network to Facilitate Growth and Collaboration in the Coating Industry

June 2014
Intech Services Announces 2014 Training Workshops for Teflon™ Coatings in Redondo Beach, California​

May 2014
Announcement of the Intech Services Authorized Fastener Coater Program

April 2014
TCI Powder Coatings and Intech Services Partner to Create TruPak

March 2014
Precision Quincy's Preventative Maintenance Program for Industrial Ovens

February 2014
Tefzel® is Back and Better Than Ever
Introducing Intech Services' Shop Evaluation for the Industrial Coating Shop

January 2014
Announcing Fischer Technology's Poroscope®, the Latest Technology in Holiday Testing

December 2013
Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Discovery of Teflon™ PTFE Coating

October 2013 
Intech Services announces the placement of Teflon™ industrial coating 857G-018 on the DuPont SP11C Specification

July 2013 
New DuPont Corrosion Resistant Coatings

June 2013 
Intech Services' Key Findings on the New DuPont ETFE Coatings

May 2013
Intech Services announces 2013 Training Workshops

February 2013 
Intech Services Releases a New Website

January 2013
Intech Services Finds New Spray Technology

September 2012
DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts introduces next generation of ETFE powder coatings
DuPont Releases Teflon Powder Coating

March 2012
Intech Information Institute Announced for 2012

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