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  Oven Options: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When would I want or need a controller that has more capability than the standard?
A: If your process can benefit from ramp/soak capability or user-friendly programmable profiles, you may want to upgrade to an optional controller.  It is very beneficial for customers that use their oven for more than one product/process.

Q: Can I add an upgraded controller to an existing oven in my facility?
Yes. This can be ordered and installed through our service department. To contact the service department, email our 
Q: Is there a controller that has data recording capability, or does that need to be a separate device?
The Watlow RM system has digital recording capability.
Q: What is the difference between a single pen and double pen paper chart recorder?
A single pen will chart a single data point, and a double pen will chart two data points such as ambient temperature and part temperature.
Q: Does the digital recorder store data?
Yes, it offers both internal and removable media (USB) storage.  Our sales team can provide a spec sheet for the product upon request.
Q: How many tower lights or alarms can I have attached to an oven?
This may depend on the level of controls installed on your oven.  Additional contacts may need to be purchased to accommodate additional lights or alarms.
Q: If I have a controller, do I need a separate timer?
If you have our standard digital set point controller, you would need to purchase a separate timer.  If you have an upgraded controller, it may have internal timing capabilities.
Q: Does my oven come with a thermocouple jack?
No. Here is more information on thermocouple jacks.
Q: Why would I need a motorized damper
If your process requires or could benefit from a controlled cool down.
Q: Why would I want to have an insulated floor or cart guide tracks?
An insulated floor will help retain the heat inside of the oven instead of wasting that energy on the cold concrete below the oven.  Cart guide tracks protect the ductwork from being damaged when rolling carts in and out of the oven as well as providing a space for cart wheels level to shop floor in an insulated floor.

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