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Specialty tapes and discs offer an inexpensive way to mask many common finishing surfaces. Our extensive experience with many different tape applications means we can find the right balance of adhesion, flexibility, and release value to best meet the needs of your specific work requirement. Our masking tapes and disks all come with the same value pricing, service, and reliability you’ve come to expect from Intech.

Masking tape
Masking discs
Masking caps
Masking plugs

Masking Tape is used to cover areas of the substrate that are not going to be coated. Before spraying, apply the high heat tape to the area that will not be coated, spray the coating, and remove the tape after curing for perfect edges and clean, non-coated areas on the substrate.
Masking Discs are used the same way as masking tape, but for circular areas that are not supposed to be coated. Apply the tape discs, spray the coating, and remove the tape after curing for perfect circles of non-coated areas on the substrate.
Masking Caps are used to cover any pieces that stick out on the substrate, such as threads, shafts, or fittings, that will not be coated. Put the cap over the protrusion, spray the coatings, and remove the cap after curing.
Masking Plugs are similar to masking caps, but instead of covering pieces that stick out, plugs cover any openings on the substrate, such as holes, hollow shafts, or pipes, that are not going to be coated. Insert a finishing plug into the opening, spray the coating, and remove the plug after curing.
Masking Cords are used to cover grooved, slotted, or irregular shapes. Solid silicone masking cords are designed to be cut down to the right length for each application, as well as conform to irregular geometries that caps and plugs will not fit. Insert the piece of cord in the substrate, spray the coating, and remove the cord after curing.
Masking Plug and Cap Kits are used for small run jobs or assisting in determining the right size caps and plugs needed for your application. They come with a range of sizes and shapes in each kit.
Tape Cutting Plotters are used for cutting your own custom masking tape, which is useful for jobs that require a large amount of the same size pieces of tape. You can use output from a CAD program, set the cut parameters, and print your tape.

We also offer custom masking capabilities with rapid turnaround, that can save you time, money, and sanity on many projects! Our CoaterONE team is prepared to help you solve your more difficult masking challenges.  If you don't see the product or equipment that you are looking for, please contact your personal CoaterONE shopper, or any one on our CoaterONE Sales team (302-366-8530). We would love the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and address them with the best solution available in the industry. 

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