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Welcome to Intech.  Your life just got easier. 

Are you thinking about selecting a new piece of equipment for your shop? This can feel like an overwhelming task, but that’s where we come in. As the sole distributor of Teflon™ for over 20 years, we have come to have a deep understanding of the Teflon coating process and the equipment needed to apply our coatings.  Since our CoaterONE ecommerce site opened over six years ago, we have built great relationships with the right vendors to get the supplies and equipment a shop needs for their initial set up and daily operations.  Instead of dealing with multiple vendors, we will streamline the process by managing the vendors, timelines, and payment schedules.   

The Intech experience means we will guide you through:
  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Coating selection
  • Managing the multiple vendors
  • Reliable options and upfront pricing
  • Provide payment schedules
  • Coordinating delivery of equipment & installation of new equipment
  • Post-sale follow-up and service

We have put together a baseline estimate of what it would cost to start up your Teflon industrial coating operation.  Whether you are a coating shop looking to expand business or if your company wants to bring an outsourced coating job in house,  we will give you an idea of what you will need to get started.  

The process for applying Teflon industrial coatings includes incorporation of the coating by rolling, preparing the surface by grit blasting, spraying the coating with the correct spray equipment, and curing the coating in a Class A Oven. In order to achieve the most optimal coating, each step is important and should be considered as you evaluate this process. Below is a recommended equipment list for applying fluoropolymer coatings:

Process Equipment Recommended Small Part Specifications and Cost Large Part Specifications and Cost
Teflon™ industrial coatings preparation: Teflon coating needs to be incorporated correctly before application.  DuPont recommends rolling the product because there are sheer sensitive materials in the coating that make a standard paint shaker unusable.  Paint Roller II
Paint Roller II
Gloss white reinforced fiberglass base with solid steel bars cast in urethane. Variable speed, rolls 1 & 5 gallons cans & jugs.

Gloss white reinforced fiberglass base with solid steel bars cast in urethane. Variable speed, rolls 1 & 5 gallons cans & jugs.

Surface Preparation: Grit blasting is the pretreatment process used to roughen the surface of a substrate.   Blast Cabinet
Blast cabinet
26” x 36”

Pressure: $14,000
Suction: $8,400.00
60” x 60”

Pressure: $21,000
Suction: $15,800.00
Spraying Teflon™ coating: The spray booth ensures that overspray is captured in filters and air flow remains safe during the spraying process.  Spray Booth
Spray booth
6 ft. x 7ft. x 6 ft.
With controller

8 ft. x 8 ft. x 7 ft.
(One person standard- other sizes available)

Spraying Teflon™ liquid coating: Spray equipment will be needed to apply. Depending on your job, we can help you select between HVLP, Compliant, and Air Spray gun platforms with Pressure, Gravity or Siphon feed.  Spray Gun Outfit
Gravity feed HVLP spray gun
Includes gravity or siphon feed spray gun, fittings, hose, and a cup.

Includes the spray gun, fittings, hose, and a pressure pot.

Curing Process:  Teflon coatings cure at high temperatures and require the appropriate airflow out of your building.  PQ Ovens offers many sizes and types of oven. This is an electric oven that can heat up to 850 degrees. (gas powered options are available.) Precision Quincy Oven

Precision Quincy Ovens
Precision Quincy Lab or Cabinet Oven

Ovens are manufactured based on your company’s specific needs.
Precision Quincy Truck or Walk-In Oven

Ovens are manufactured based on your company’s specific needs.

Depending on your process, you may want to purchase additional supplies, safety equipment, and send employees to a workshop training.  As you work through your process, the Intech sales team can help you understand your job specific needs. Here are a few more recommended services or equipment:

Other Valuable Processes Services/Equipment Recommended Specifications Approximate Cost
Quality Assurance: Performance and quality are two things sought when Teflon coatings are applied.  The end user wants the coating to perform a certain way, so thickness in particular needs to fall into a certain range dependent on the coating. This is essential for getting a quality coating on your part.  Fischer Thickness Tester and Probe
Fischer thickness tester
Fischer Dualscope® FMP 20 with standard probe.  (Other probes can be purchased for specific jobs.) $1,800
Shop Evaluation:  Intech Services has the knowledge of over 20 years of market experience, educational sessions and on-site customer visits to help you become a more effective coater.  We offer a onsite evaluation for your shop to evaluate the critical areas of your shop and make appropriate recommendations. Shop Evaluation Service
Shop Evaluation Service
1-1½ day evaluation with a written report of areas of excellence to needs improvement.  $1,000
Intech’s Information Institute Workshops:
•Product, Market, & Sales for DuPont fluoropolymers coatings
•Virtual Paint Spray Training for DuPont Fluoropolymers Coatings
Both I3 Training Workshops
I3 Training Workshops
3 days of training on DuPont Fluoropolymer Coatings: Products, Markets, and Sales Strategies and VirtualPaint® Training $1,000
Other Job Specific Supplies Recommended Products
Safety Equipment
Job Specific Needs

What Now?

Review this information.
Take a deep breath and keep in mind that this is a broad look what is needed for the process. Intech will assist you in defining your specific needs. 

Browse our website or call us for more information.
Some of the products you see here can be found with more information on our website.  Others are not purchase off the shelf items, such as an industrial oven, but we will guide you towards the right selection once we know more about your process. 

Call us and we specify your application process and equipment needs.
When you are ready, we can move forward with information gathering and quoting the equipment needed. 

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