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  Product Overview

  Oven Options: Beneficial Application Add-ons

 Door Assist Handle

Door assist handles aid personnel in operating oven doors easily, regardless of size and strength. Door assist handles are available for cabinet and walk-in ovens.Door assist handle for industrial ovens
Door Assist handle for single door cabinet ovens
Door Assist handle for single door walk-in ovens (per/door)


Interior lighting for industrial ovensInterior lighting is helpful in large ovens where product isn’t visible from facility lighting.
Interior lighting up to 550°F: walk-in ovens only

 Internal Thermocouple Jacks

Thermocouple jacks for reading ambient and part temperatures inside the oven. Thermocouples areInternal thermocouple jacks for industrial ovens a recommended option for any process where oven uniformity and precise part temperature are required. 
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 Variable Frequency Drive
Variable frequency drive for industrial ovens
Variable Frequency Drive on recirculation fan facilitates adjustable airspeeds. This allows for maximum temperature uniformity at maximum temperature, while preventing coating blow off at lower temps. Variable Frequency Drives require the purchase of a Watlow F4 controller.

 Door Switch
Door switches are great for saving energy especially when you load or unload your oven frequently. The optional door switch turns off the heaters and circulation system when the door opens.
  • Shuts off heat upon door or doors being opened
  • Conserves energy when doors are open

 Fresh Air Filtration
Fresh air filtration for powder coating, medical, and laboratory settingsFiltration packages are connected to the fresh air inlet port and clean the incoming air stream.  Commonly used in powder coating, medical, and laboratory settings.
30% Efficient
85% Efficient, up to 1 micron (Most popular option)
99.97% Efficient, up to .01 micron
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 Automatic Motorized Damper

Open / close motorized damper packages (individually sized to exhaust) provide decreased cool down time for faster load cycling. They are also utilized in larger systems to efficiently exhaust VOC loads. An updated controller such as the Watlow F4 or Watlow RM is required.
225 Exhaust CFM 
Automatic motorized damper for industrial ovens
550 Exhaust CFM  $2,330
920 Exhaust CFM  $2,463
1500 Exhaust CFM  $2,537
2200 Exhaust CFM  $2,701
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