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  Product Overview

  Oven Options: Alarms, Timers, and Tower Lights


Audible alarms are a great choice for large facilities with personnel responsible for multiple process areas and industrial processes where timely removal of product is imperative to proper cure.
Audio End-of-Cycle Timer Alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)Alarms for end of cycle and excessive temperature
Audio Excessive Temperature Alert Alarm with silencing relay (buzzer type)


Timers allow you to preset process times and turn on end-of-cycle tower lights and/or audible alarms. Upgraded controllers could alleviate the need for timers. The Precision Quincy sales team will be able to provide additional information on system integration and process needs.
Digital Timer 1 -  Manual timer to turn off heat source after time has elapsedDigital Eagle Signal timer
Digital Timer 2 - Auto start begins process time when temperature set point is reached
Digital Timer 3 - Automatically turns off fans after set point cool down of oven has taken place

 Tower Lights

Visual indicators for steps within a process, the end of the cycle, or alert and alarm status. Tower lights are great for large shops and critical processes.
End of Timer Cycle  End of timer tower light
  • Visual indicator for end of cycle 
  • Can be used with any controller
  • Visual alarm with reset relay (red/non-flashing tower light)
Excessive Temperature AlertExcessive temperature tower light
Visual indicator for excessive temperature alert that can be used with any controller. Alarm comes with reset relay and is available with one or three lights:
  • One light - red non-flashing tower light                                                                      $442
  • Three lights - red, green, yellow non-flashing tower light                                      $972
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