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Mike Patterson │ President
x 101
Chris Dohl │ Vice President
x 103

Tony Abato │ Vice President Sales
x 102

Nicole McCall │ Account Manager
x 107

Chris Lord │ Account Manager
x 104

Monica Trout │ Accounting Manager
x 108

Mary Hartsoe │Customer Service
x 105

Karen Nardo │ Customer Service
x 106

April Monigle │ Executive Administration
x 129

Kate Morgner │ Marketing Strategist
x 121

Cheryl Goldstein │ Account Manager
x 124

Dave Jones │ Warehouse Manager
x 113

Erin Long │ Web Specialist
x 123

Francesca Vavala │ Market Development
x 122

Megan Ploskon │ Sales Administration
x 110

Dan Rose │ Account Manager
x 133

Ken Barnes │ Account Manager
x 126

Elaina Fisher │ Accounting
x 130

Ashley Louth │ Digital Media Specialist
 x 134

Courtney Prate │ Content Developer
x 135
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Teflon™ Product and Technical Support Chris Lord, Nicole McCall, and Mark Berry
Customer Service: Order Processing Mary Hartsoe, Karen Nardo, Vicki Bobeck
Customer Service: Ecommerce Vicki Bobeck
Customer Service: Administration Megan Ploskon
Customer Service: Accounting Elaina Fisher
Precision Quincy Ovens Cheryl Goldstein


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